Try Rakudo, in your browser

A new site I have been helping with is up and running. is a site to let people try out rakudo right in their browser. It connect the browser to an instance of the Rakudo REPL running on the server to let you evaluate any sample code (within reason) you’d like. It has some obvious limitations, anything that takes longer than 15 seconds is probably an endless loop and will be killed and it has limitations on memory usage for the system.

My next goal for the site will be to introduce a tutorial system into the website’s interactive terminal. The current plan is to follow along the outline of the rakudo book and build a set of interactive tutorials to teach new users about rakudo, and perl 6 in general. Maybe I can extend it to use other backend but for now its focused on the rakudo backend.

Any questions or comments are welcome. Please feel free to comment on the site and its usability or any flaws you may find.

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