Personal Projects

Extra Curricular:

  • ION Robotics Lawnmower Competition – The goal of this project is to build an autonomous lawnmower. The team I participated with worked on the Dynamic Competition, which has a moving obstacle, a randomly located flower bed in the field and a fence to trim around. Our team used ROS to help build our solution and our code repository can be found on Github at Auburn-Automow.
  • Google Summer of Code – I worked on the Parrot Virtual Machine in 2010 for my GSoC project.
Personal Projects:
  • Arcade Controller – I have been working on building an Arcade Controller for the MAME Emulator. I decided to build my controller from scratch, firmware and all. I have made decent progress on this, I have some blog posts with more information.
  • DTI – DTI is my attempt at learning more about compilers, a functional programming language called Haskell, and to hopefully create a second interpreter for the perl programming language. Currently, it can do limited parsing and execution of some basic code, see the linked repository for more detailed information.

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